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Meat Grinder

Technical Parameters of Frozen Meat Grinder
Model QLJ420 C300G
Power 7.5KW 55KW
Capacity 600KG/H 3000-5000KG/H
Weighty 350KG 2100KG
Overall Dimension 1100*530*1550(mm) 1300*1400*2000(mm)

Automatic Paste Feeding Machine

Technical Parameters of Paste Feeding Machine
Model GL-45
Power 1.5KW
Capacity 250L/Time
Weighty 1000kg
Overall Dimension 2150*1200*1850(mm)

Meat Beating Machine

Technical Parameters of Meat Beating Machine
Model DJ-50 DJ-100 DJ-150 DJ-200
Material All stainless steel
Lead time 15-25 days
Power 11KW 18.5KW 22KW 22KW
Capacity 50kg/time 100kg/time 150kg/time 200kg/time
Weighty 720kg 1000kg 1300kg 1400kg
Overall Dimension 1420*734*1500(mm) 1800*950*1950(mm) 1788*920*1910(mm) 1788*950*1910(mm)

High Speed Meat Beater

High-speed Meat Beating Machine

This type of equipment is a new kind kind machine developing from the excisting ones . Beautiful appearance, compact structure, low noise, safe use, high production efficiency, low failure rate, easy operation, complete functions, high processing accuracy, excellent performance and other advantages.This machine adopts PLC intelligent control,
, process can be stored and other functions. And the beating speed can be more than 1000r/min.

Frozen Meat Block Flaker

Technical Parameters of Frozen meat block flaker
Model TF-3000
Power 7.5KW
Capacity 3000KG/H
Weighty 750KG
Overall Dimension 2000x800x1200(mm)

Full Automatic Meat Beating Machine

Technical Parameters of Full Automatic Meat Beating Machine

Model DS-550 DS-750
Power 39KW 57KW
Capacity 550kg/time 750kg/time
Weighty 3300kg 4000kg
Overall Dimension 3111*1471*2500(mm) 3380*1565*2635(mm)